Movie Maker in Education

Below is a basic list of inspirational ideas for using Movie Maker in education. Feel free to contribute additional ideas by clicking on "Edit This Page" above.

  1. Create a video of student assessments or presentations.
  2. Create a video of student performances, celebrations, and other events.
  3. Create a video of student interviews or shows (such as oral histories, news shows, documentaries, reinactments, and "mockumentaries").
  4. Create a video of course content (for just-in-time, on-demand learning).
  5. Create a video of vocabulary in context for English Language Development, Language Arts, or Foreign Language.
  6. Create a video in a computer class that covers content from across the curriculum. (Project Based Learning)
  7. Create a video to demonstrate literature comprehension: themes, morals, symbols etc.
  8. Create a video of a How-To demonstration. (The demonstration speech)
  9. Create short videos (~30 seconds) to grab students attention.
  10. Create a digital video yearbook... for a class, a club, etc.
  11. Give video as an option for projects that might include other visual aids.
  12. Create a video portfolio of student progress in foreign language.
  13. Historical documentaries.
  14. Create videos to explain school programs to incoming students.
  15. Students can teach a lesson by creating a video.
  16. Create highlight videos in athletics or for sports teams.

And more...

  1. Math videos (for parents to see "how the teacher does it")
  2. Character Counts type videos (how to treat other people etc)
  3. Edit Teacher Tube Videos (to take our parts)
  4. Strip away audio from instructional video (like United Streaming) and have the kids narrate it.
  5. Introduce visual and performing arts into content areas.
  6. Documentation for grants
  7. Submit an application to the Google Teacher Academy